Tuesday, October 16, 2001

buddyhead gossip:
When the Murder City Devils played in DC a few days ago (October 10th) some interesting shit went down. Apparently, knowing that Ian Svenonious of The Make Up was at the show, Spencer decided to regale the audience with a story about Ian being a dickhead the last time he was in Seattle. Something about not being let into the Cha-Cha when it was at capacity and him yelling "do you know who I am?!" at the girl working the door. (who was the lovely Jenn Galucci, Dann’s sister) Anyhow, after the show Ian stormed backstage and tried to hand out an ass-whooping. He slapped Spencer across the face, breaking his glasses, but shit got real crazy when Nate grabbed Ian and threw him to the ground. Luckily Gabe was nowhere near the fray or Ian probably wouldn't have survived the incident.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

news check out this badass quicktime preview for Annex's production of THE VELVET RUT (2.2 MB)